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Reader Rabbit Reading 4-6

S-3251 $7.99pad

Free shipping for Reader Rabbit Reading 4-6

Note: Products are shipped in box-less packaging. To keep our prices low and to keep our environment clutter free, we sell our educational software in what we refer to as CD Only packaging. Most of our software is not packaged in a traditional box. You will receive the program in the jewel case or paper sleeve only. All documentation (instructions, etc.) is on the CD-ROM itself. Simply insert the CD-ROM into your computer and it will prompt you from there.

*CD Only-All Instructions are included on the CD-No Retail Box

A systemic approach to teaching reading. Alliterative speech, colorful animations, and engaging sound effects provide a delightfulenvironment for children to explore as they begin to read. Within the graphic and sound rich "Letter Lands," the program includes64 progressively challenging storybooks, supported by more than 100 carefully structured skill-building lessons - activities thatfocus on phonics, letter and letter-pattern recognition, and sight-word vocabulary.

• Give children immediate success and build confidence in reading
• Meet a young reader's need to manipulate words
• Help children sound out words and put sounds together to make new words
• Develop letter-pattern recognition and letter-sound association
• Develop a basic sight-word vocabulary
• Enable children to read 64 short storybooks independently
• Develop oral reading skills, including word emphasis, voice inflection, and pacing

Each activity has multiple levels, so the program can move from simple to more complex concepts at a pace that suits each player. Players can tackle more challenging problems even if they haven't mastered all skills and concepts in the program. Each skill area adjust its level up or down independently from the others, thereby creating a tailored learning experience that addresses each player's specific needs. The program carefully tracks player's responses to each level's activities, using that information to adjust the type of puzzle presented. Built-in progress reports let parents and teach know how well are doing by displaying the latest score and level in the word games. Includes a record and playback feature so players can record themselves reading out loud and them hear how they sound. Features the A.D.A.P.T. learning technology.

• Assess abilities before beginning, then start at the right level
• Develops skills according to each players progress
• Adjust levels automatically to each players abilities
• Provides help with personal tutors offering help whenever needed
• Track progress to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses

Free shipping for Reader Rabbit Reading 4-6

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