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Reader Rabbit Kindergarten pad
Reader Rabbit Kindergarten

S-1984 $7.99pad
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Free shipping for Reader Rabbit Kindergarten

Note: Products are shipped in box-less packaging. To keep our prices low and to keep our environment clutter free, we sell our educational software in what we refer to as CD Only packaging. Most of our software is not packaged in a traditional box. You will receive the program in the jewel case or paper sleeve only. All documentation (instructions, etc.) is on the CD-ROM itself. Simply insert the CD-ROM into your computer and it will prompt you from there.

CD Only-All Instructions are included on the CD-No Retail Box

Ages 4 - 6

Reader Rabbit Kindergarten is expressly designed to reinforce fundamental concepts that build school-relevant skills. Third in a series of products that addresses the specific developmental needs of toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners, this program presents educational basics in the context of playful, colorful games that children love to explore.

The program also introduces youngsters to helpful socialization tips that can give them a head start in kindergarten. They learn that sharing is a "win-win" solution that can help them get along with classmates. Social skills are advanced as the concept of cooperation and the need to preserve a clean environment is stressed.

Reader Rabbit Kindergarten assist with reading, thinking, language, math, creativity, and interpersonal skills.

* Canoe Match is a language and pre-reading activity. Children work with memory and discrimination skills while recalling and matching colors, shapes, objects, letters and number, and applying visual and auditory memory skills.

* Camp Clock is a time-telling activity. Kids practice identifying events that take place in the morning, afternoon or evening.

* Diner Lineup is an early math activity. Children practice ordering objects according to a single changing attribute, such as size, length, height, quantity or volume.

* Action Reaction focuses on social interaction. Children choose ways for camp characters to resolve conflicts and then they observe the consequences.

* Number Lumber is a mathematical thinking game in which children apply the following skills: number recognition, number and quantity correlation, number strategizing, problem solving, one-to-one correspondence, counting.

* Seasons Scrapbook allows children to correlate specific activities with specific seasons and month throughout the year.

* Get Your Bearings teaches spatial relations, helping children understand positional and directional words, using those words in gameplay, and developing and applying map-reading skills.

* Playful Painting is a self-expression activity that allows children to choose a picture of a camp character they would like to be, and then color in that picture.

* Camp Library teaches children basic story elements and how they can be combined to make a story.

a>Counting Lake fosters concentration skills as the child follows a story line and multi-step directions. Children are introduced to numerical and counting concepts as they learn: -correspondence between memorized numeric characters and the actual number of objects -visual discernment of quantity through counting and observation of objects -observing that a number can be divided into smaller groups -addition, by allowing the child combine groups of objects to form a target quantity.

Free shipping for Reader Rabbit Kindergarten

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