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Free shipping for Carmen Sandiego ThinkQuick Challenge

Note: Products are shipped in box-less packaging. To keep our prices low and to keep our environment clutter free, we sell our educational software in what we refer to as CD Only packaging. Most of our software is not packaged in a traditional box. You will receive the program in the jewel case or paper sleeve only. All documentation (instructions, etc.) is on the CD-ROM itself. Simply insert the CD-ROM into your computer and it will prompt you from there.

*CD Only-All Instructions are included on the CD-No Retail Box

Carmen Sandiego is at it again!

This time, she has unleashed Knowledge Robots (Knowbots for short) to steal the world's knowledge, and recruited seven master criminals to help her in her schemes.

Players take on the personas of cadets from the ACME Institute and must travel to different parts of the globe, defeating the Knowbots by answering their questions correctly, while retaining as much of their capture energy as possible.

Before taking on the Knowbots, players must either get close enough to "tag" them, or stun them with a shot of energy. If time runs out before the players can accomplish this, they are barred from that location.

Each type of Knowbot steals a different type of knowledge. Dimbots for instance, steal knowledge of English. Bruiserbots steal knowledge of Math, and Touchy-Feelybots steal knowledge of art and music.

Players must answer the Knowbot's questions to gain knowledge points. If they answer the question correctly, knowledge points are gained. However, if they do not answer correctly, they lose points from what is called "Capture energy". Players are given a limited amount of capture energy, and when it is all gone, they may not capture the master criminal.

After players have defeated the Knowbots at a select number of locations, they may go to the master thief's hideout. There, they must defeat the lock, either by decoding a jumbled phrase, or by matching the symbols of the lock's code. Players may then take on the master thief.

Whichever player has the highest amount of capture energy is the one who will capture the criminal. As long as any player has capture energy, the criminal may be captured. Otherwise, he or she will escape.

Players may make up their own mission packs, leaving out categories that they do not know very well, or conversely, know too well. Players must select at least four subjects for their mission.

After the mission is over, Chase Devineaux will tell them how they did and how their knowledge point score stacks up. He may also promote the agent.

Free shipping for Carmen Sandiego ThinkQuick Challenge

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